How to carve bamboo and build a simple kite


How to make a yellow-page kite

<p>This video is about arites-paper-kite tutorial june 2015</p>

Easy to make kite from old yellow page book (telefonbuch) as I was taught by my dear friends from the Kite Association of the Philippines (KAP) at the Dieppe International Kite Festival 2014.</p>


How to make a  “Sled”

This video is a group effort of myself and two other art education students and was made in connection with a childrens kite making workshop.



I used transparent cutting paper from the roll as used for tailoring. The colored decorating kite paper is also transparent, which looks nice when teh sun shines through. Then, I drew a rectangle 60×45 cm on it. I marked 1/4 of 60 cm from the left and the right and drew lines (the bamboo spare lines). Then, I marked at 1/3 of 45 cm the tips of the kites wings and connected the corners.


Next, I split the bamboo spares. Be careful with having the knife cutting away from the body. Bamboo can be sharp as well.


It is recommended to reinforce the edges of the kite in leaving 1,5 cm more margin. Then fold the margin and glue a fine string with wood glue at the same time into the edge all the way arround the kite). Prepare some decoration templates to cut the kite paper.



Glue the bamboo spares on the decoration with wood glue and reinforce the bamboos ends with some sticky tape. Make wholes at the wings tips to fix a fine bridle line. This line should be 5x 45 cm. Make a loop at the exact middle (received with folding the kite in the middle to match the wholes). The kite line should be colorful for visibility and ca. 5m long.  Staple some shiny ribbon at the lower edges, can be a loop for better flying stability.


Flight Report February 2015: Reykjavik Nautholls beach

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